Discover how Kahoot is making learning fun again logoKahoot! is a dynamic tool to bring engagement and interactivity to the virtual classroom

Kahoot! is an online education and learning platform that can be accessed either through your web browser or Kahoot! app. It allows you to generate quizzes and surveys and offers a more fun approach to learning. Teachers and educators can dispense academic knowledge, review students’ performance, and monitor their progress. Kahoot! games also incorporate a competitive element that keeps students engaged.

Instilling a competitive spirit can help to build a fighting spirit. It is commonplace for students to compare the marks they receive on a test with each other.

Kahoot! games also enable teachers to award points to the students for correct answers and can track the students’ response times. The fastest students with the correct answer can climb up the leader board to first place. This level of engagement helps bring out the competitive spirit in students.

With third party video conferencing programs like Skype, Google Hangout, Zoom, and Periscope, you can pair them easily with Kahoot!. E-learning allows virtual competitions not only within the classroom but with schools all over the world. Generally, Kahoot! has opened the door to countless possibilities for more interactive and engaging learning opportunities.

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