Eight years after the finale, ‘Merlin’ lives on thanks to fan creations

Study Breaks logoBBC ‘Merlin’ star livestreams Kahoot! quiz for fans.

Eight years ago on Christmas Eve, millions of people sat around their televisions and tuned in to the final episode of BBC’s “Merlin.”

Many fans marvel at the strength of the fandom; the bulk of the comments underneath each new “Merlin” video congratulate its immortality and loyalty.

And that’s the strength of the show — that it provided exciting, funny, uncontroversial material that catered to and inspired multiple generations. Despite its rudimentary special effects, it aged spectacularly well as the decade went on. It allowed for a wealth of innovative pieces that drew on its magic — palimpsests of the modern and the slightly less modern that keep it alive. And it’s not just the fans, either — a few weeks ago, Bradley James (who played King Arthur) livestreamed a “Merlin” themed Kahoot quiz for nearly two hours, and fans went wild over it.

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