End of an era for St Louis girls logoKahoot! quiz makes this school’s virtual graduation celebration a win

Leaving Cert students at St Louis secondary school were disappointed not to get the chance to celebrate their graduation in the usual tradition this year due to lockdown.

‘Normally we have a lovely last day with our girls. We enjoy a staff and sixth year lunch, spend time together rehearsing for the grad mass and then have a wonderful mass and graduation ceremony that evening,’ said Ms Mary Gilmore, Deputy Principal. However the students were not to be disappointed and so Ms E Byrne, one of the year heads set about creating a different but equally special day for the girls, fitting three different events into one celebratory day.

To replace the lunch with staff the girls enjoyed a Kahoot! quiz including childhood photos of both staff and students. Although the staff has traditionally won the football game every year at sports day this year the students triumphed in the Kahoot! taking the top three spots on the podium.

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