Even with a virtual offseason, the Ravens are still learning by playing games

Baltimore Sun logoNFL teams make virtual training fun and productive with Kahoot! quizzes.

The Ravens are among the teams that have reckoned with the drudgery. They’ve turned to a learning platform so popular that even preschool teachers have adopted it. Thanks in part to coach John Harbaugh’s daughter, the team’s staff is not just teaching players the plays; they are quizzing them on it, too.

“Rather than just sitting there and getting lectured on a playbook, Kahoot!’s a good changeup of different ways to learn and also to create competition, because we’re doing it versus each other,” Daka, who also took Kahoot! quizzes in college, said in a telephone interview. “So they do a great job of just making learning fun, but at the same time, you’re getting everything done.”

The Ravens aren’t the only team using Kahoot!. The Houston Texans and Cincinnati Bengals have also integrated its colorful questions into their offseason program.

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