Every business needs a crisis plan. Here’s how to prepare

Inc. logoInc recommends Kahoot! as a way to create a virtual approach to bounce back after a crisis

In the wake of Covid-19, a bevy of businesses have been forced to close their doors temporarily. Macy’s announced recently that it will furlough most of its 125,000 employees and consider closing additional locations in an effort to save the struggling retailer. I never thought in my lifetime that I could ever drive by a mall that was closed, but that is the new reality to keep us safe and socially distanced today.

Create a virtual approach.
The winners in the work-from-home landscape today are Zoom and Apple. I’m a mother who is currently operating my company from home, while my son, a freshman in high school, is homeschooling via multiple Apple devices and apps. He has a morning attendance conference call with all of his teachers through FaceTime, then a warm-up quiz for each class through Kahoot, downloaded from the Apple app store. He ends the day with a study hall with fellow students via Zoom.

From schools to spiritual gatherings and online parties, everything is going virtual, and so should you. Consider your virtual plan and how you can continue to offer your products and services in an ever-evolving consumer market.

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