Falcons top rookies stand out during an unusual offseason

Heavy logoThe Atlanta Falcons use Kahoot! to assess players’ learning in virtual training program

A Lot of Testing Was Done During the Virtual Offseason

The Falcons managed to work through the hurdles of not being face-to-face in a classroom this year. Coach Quinn said the team used a lot of apps to make quizzes to summarize what they had discussed after each meeting.

“I want to find out what ‘the learning’ is. I know the teaching was good, but what was the learning? And so I was wanting to quiz them, Quinn said on Monday. There’s been all sorts of apps that are good for that, Kahoot! is one or making one as a voice-over, sending it out and then coming back to the next one. What we wanted to make sure is who had to look down at the notes to answer the test. Some of it was right on.”

A good meeting only lasted about 25 minutes and was filled with an overview, teaching, and then a short quiz.

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