From ‘Jeopardy!’ to Kahoot!, Bengals get creative with virtual meetings

ESPN logoCincinnati Bengals use Kahoot! quizzes to keep players engaged while training from home.

Like the rest of the NFL, the Bengals are adjusting to an augmented start to the offseason in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Part of that is using tools such as Kahoot!, an educational game used in classrooms, or in Jackson’s case, virtual “”Jeopardy!””

Jackson isn’t the only one looking for creative methods during the offseason. Bengals assistant James Casey, who works with the tight ends, picked up on Kahoot! after head coach Zac Taylor used it once last season.

Casey initially was apprehensive about doing everything virtually. Over time, he gained enough comfort to share his screen and conduct real-time quizzes using the game app. He’ll pull up the questions on his monitor while players answer as quickly as possible on their own devices and earn points along the way. It’s a way to provide instruction without always having to lecture and watch film.

“”At the end of it, you learn a lot of football, but at the same time, you have a little fun. Everybody likes competing,”” Casey said.

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