Fun things to do on your birthday when you are stuck at home

Legit logoKahoot! keeps birthday celebrations during lockdown entertaining and fun.

The truth is, celebrating a birthday alone can be quite boring. What’s even worse, milestone birthdays cannot be ignored. If you are looking for fun birthday ideas for a 1st, 18th, 40th, or any other milestone birthday that cannot be missed despite the current restrictions on outdoor activities, here is a comprehensive list of activities to try.

17. Play a custom game on Kahoot!

Kahoot! is a platform that allows you to play trivia games online. It is a favorite break activity for conferences and seminars to help reinforce learning.

Kahoot! works like a game show, the highest points are awarded to the fastest correct answers. The points keep decreasing for each consecutive response. Wrong answers get zero. You will need a good connection and fast responses to win. After each round, the scores are displayed, and you can proceed to the next.

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