Getting educational with your kid’s isolation screentime

ArtsHub logoDragonBox helps make your child’s screentime productive while they learn at home.

Dragonbox is an international hit when it comes to maths games for kids. The series is designed to teach algebra through a series of brightly coloured mini games, for children of primary school up to secondary school age.

Dragonbox offer a series of different packages and products, each focussed on a different age group or skill set. Each individual lesson within a Dragonbox game contributes to a larger campaign, which helps consolidate knowledge, and provides the student with a sense of broader purpose.

While Dragonbox are best known for their educational content for primary school children, they’ve also developed some products for high schoolers. Games like Dragonbox: Algebra 12+ will be a total lifesaver for parents who have found that supervising a home schooled teen has thrown them in at the mathematical deep-end. Phew!

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