Golden chance as bengals make over LBs

Cincinnati bengals logoWeekly Kahoot! quizzes are a hit with the Cincinnati Bengals.

“There have been times internally where things were turned upside down, but never where the way of life has been changed.” He says coaches who have been doing it one way for so long are finding out they have to do it other ways now, too.

That’s why he’s been quite grateful for the work of second-year defensive quality control coach Jordan Kovacs, in large part because he has been a bridge to the players around from last season. But also for his ability to come up with Thursdays’ Kahoot! football quizzes.

“The only way I know about Kahoot! is from my (youngest) daughter’s schoolwork,” Golden said. “It’s a riot when you see these football players reacting when they get one wrong. They’re so competitive, it’s like they’re going to come through the screen.”

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