Home schooling at sea: Top tips for tutoring your kids from 6 liveaboard sailors

Yachting World logoDragonBox recommended to support math learning while homeschooling and living at sea

Millions of families around the world have recently found themselves thrust into the world of home schooling with the closure of schools due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But for families who cruise long haul with their kids, boat schooling has always been a necessity.

For many, the opportunity to trade a bricks and mortar school for classes on deck or on the beach is part of the appeal of a cruising lifestyle. Here we take a look at some of the different approaches favoured by liveaboard and cruising families, and discover some tips that temporary home teachers can benefit from.

Learning outside of the classroom has been proven to bring benefits including increased self-awareness, confidence, creativity and imagination. However, the endless juggle of fitting in education, boat maintenance, socialisation and online employment can create a challenging dynamic while living in the close confines of a boat.

With the closure of schools, the list of remote learning resources is ever expanding. Here are some starting points:

DragonBox: Maths games app.

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