How college students are leveraging online study groups

US news logoAmid the coronavirus outbreak, college students are using Kahoot! and other tools to prep for exams and review class material together online.

Since the middle of March, 19-year-old Lillie Burke has faced the same situation as other college students across the country. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the freshman at Belmont University in Tennessee is finishing her semester online from her home in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

She says the transition to online learning has its challenges.

“I feel like I learn a lot better when I’m in an environment that’s designated for doing work but also in an environment where I can ask questions face to face,” says Burke, a journalism major.

Madi Willeford, a junior at Northwestern State University of Louisiana, has videoconferenced over Zoom with several of her classmates to prepare for exams in her veterinary radiology and imaging class.
As with in-person learning, students can still get creative and integrate various types of media into their discussions during online study groups. For instance, Willeford and her classmates incorporated a quiz created on Kahoot! – a game-based learning platform – into a study session to test each other on veterinary radiology. They used their computers to video chat while playing the game on their cellphones.

“After each question, if someone got it wrong, we would explain the correct answers using our textbooks and notes for the class,” Willeford says.

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