How one man is using tech to change the lives of children with learning disabilities

Microsoft News logoKahoot! quizzes help teachers track knowledge retention for students with learning disabilities

Starting with just one student, he opened the Helikx Open School and Learning Center to educate children with learning disabilities. For nearly two decades, this school has been catering to learning needs of children with a range of specific learning disabilities in the age group of 7-17 years. Today, the school has helped more than 700 children, mostly from low-income groups, overcome their challenges.

Tools like Sway help them learn visually while Kahoot quizzes at the end of every class are handy to test their retention.

Today, the school has deployed Microsoft Teams for every teacher and student. Kumar has created separate channels as per their grade, which allows them to learn even when they are away from the school, like in the current COVID-19 situation.

Moving to Teams has also provided teachers new tools to engage with their students remotely. While some teachers are using Kahoot quizzes at the end of their classes, others are encouraging students to create and share content using Sway, Buncee, and Paint 3D.

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