How tech and innovations embrace COVID-19 & what has emerged from it?

Medium logoKahoot! responded to lockdowns with solutions for distance learners and remote work teams

There is a lot to say about the current situation and it’s mostly not a good thing but it was interesting to watch so many initiatives and advancements in tech that aim to help fight COVID-19. Ironically, it speeded up the innovation process and we rushed to put everything on the side to figure out how to support people, keep jobs, transfer them to WFH mode, make everyone safe and shorten the lockdown period as much as possible.

Here are some examples of innovations that were born as a result of the lockdown, tackled the pandemic problem as well as make the way we live way different but somehow possible nowadays. A lot of technologies significantly progressed and found new use cases as we no longer could take the time to adapt, we had to do it immediately and immerse ourselves into the ‘new’.

Edutech company Kahoot! adjusted their services and offers all premium features for free, and developed new features to keep not only the kids in a row but also to keep remote teams connected and enable e-learning.

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