How to celebrate Hari Raya Puasa in times of circuit breaker measures

Yahoo News logoMuslim families celebrate Eid al Fitr at home with Kahoot! games

Coronavirus has taken the shine off many religious festivals and events this year, and with the holy month of Ramadan falling within circuit breaker measures, Aidil Fitri will be no exception.

There are, however, steps you can take to ensure that Eid this year will not be forgotten and may even be one that is cherished for bringing us closer to the simplest of things in life, for teaching us to be grateful and to never take for granted our health, and the greatest blessing that is our families.

Online Games for families

Host an Eid day gaming tournament where you play your favourite games online together. Several sites like host drawing parties and you can get families to compete against each other by drawing images while others guess what it is. This may make for a fun bonding experience where relatives of all ages can take part and compete against.

Younger cousins and friends can make use of Kahoot games, a platform that many will already be familiar with as it is commonly used in schools.

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