How to create engaging online learning amid COVID-19 pandemic: lessons from Singapore

The ConversationKahoot! helps the National University of Singapore keep online learning engaging

Over the past three years, our faculty team and teaching assistants at the National University of Singapore successfully created an engaging large in-class course for our students, who were notorious for their unwillingness to participate actively in class.

Our team offers a three-pronged approach that educators can use to maintain engaging online learning amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

2. Plan regular checkpoints with live student responses

Regular, real-time responses from students provide valuable insights into their opinions and help us understand their grasp of the content.

These live responses enable us to tailor the subsequent lessons to suit students’ level of understanding of the concepts and keep them engaged. For example, these unannounced checkpoints can be in the form of short, non-graded questions and polls.

Students enjoy seeing real-time responses from their fellow students. We use Poll Everywhere, but occasionally use other interactive platforms such as Mentimer, Kahoot!, Padlet and Pigeonhole Live when we need different features for our checkpoints.

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