How to deal with lockdown as an extrovert when ‘me time’ is your idea of Hell

Elle magazineExtroverts stay social during lockdown by playing Kahoot! quizzes with friends.

Being in lockdown has made me confront my own extroversion in a way that I hadn’t expected. It’s also made me see a clearer divide between my more introverted friends who are revelling in more ‘them time’ and those of us who feed on the energy of others. It begs the question, what does your lockdown mindset say about your personality?

An obvious, but important start to maintaining a healthy mind is keeping in contact with friends. ‘Even virtual social interaction is a source of stimulation, which extraverts will find energising,’ says Dr. Alan Redman. ‘For anyone, introvert or extrovert, a feeling of connectedness with others and your community is linked to wellbeing.’

Organising fancy-dress dinners over Zoom, creating personalised quizzes on Kahoot and watching your favourite TV shows and films with friends on Netflix Party (it synchronises video playback and allows you to type comments) can emulate hanging round in your living room with pals. Joining virtual happy hours and live streamed nightclubs can also satisfy your going out cravings, for the time being.

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