How to keep students’ attention in a virtual classroom

Edutopia logoKahoot! quizzes keep virtual classes fun and engaging for students

Getting your students to participate is hard enough when you’re in your classroom. Getting them to participate in a virtual classroom is a whole different ball game. The social pressure of uncomfortable eye contact just isn’t the same on a videoconference call. In fact, it’s nearly nonexistent with current technology.

Luckily, the technology exists to help provide supplemental strategies to get your students responding—you may even want to bring some of these strategies back to your classroom once schools open up again.

External quiz apps: You can also use external quiz tools like Kahoot or Quizizz. Simply set up the quizzes ahead of time, and prompt your students to go take the quiz during your meeting by sharing the quiz code. Students can take a few minutes to navigate to the quiz website and answer a question or two before moving on. The best part about these platforms is that they’re free for both teachers and students.

Here are links to some student-approved quiz platforms:

Kahoot!: The base platform is free and fun to use. If you’re interested in more advanced features, such as advanced reporting, individualized quizzes, additional question formats, and more, Kahoot! offers paid plans starting at just $3 per month.

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