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How to Learn Japanese in 6 Easy Steps: Guide for Beginners

Language Drops brings you a 6-step guide with everything you need to know to get started learning Japanese.

“With around 130 million speakers, Japanese is a fascinating language. What adds to the charm is its role in understanding diverse cultures and traditions. Whether for travel, fun, or business, even a basic grasp of Japanese is extremely important. Master the essentials and you’ll navigate signs, roads, and enjoy Japanese cuisine like a local. But what are the easiest ways to learn Japanese?

“Our approach on how to learn Japanese for beginners is to start from scratch. Assume zero Japanese knowledge, and we’ll guide you through and show you the best ways to learn Japanese. Writing systems, basic expressions, useful Japanese learning apps and resources ー we’ve got you covered. You’ll know what tools to use, when, and why. So, embark on this adventure with us!”

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