How to run a music rehearsal online

ABC Classic logoChoruses play Kahoot! quizzes to continue vocal training at home

Getting dozens of people to make music together online has proven difficult in the extreme. To Juliana Kay, a Melbourne-based choral director running weekly rehearsals for five choirs, a successful online rehearsal requires radically rethinking your aims and methods.

To Kay, the key to a successful online rehearsal is embracing the possibilities opened up technology:

“My plan is not to replicate the choral rehearsal, because that’s impossible, but to take advantage of things we normally wouldn’t do in person like quizzes, music theory, composition and improvisation, and delving into the historical and cultural context of our repertoire.”

Kay ran a quiz with over 60 members of Exaudi Youth Choir through the education platform Kahoot! covering vocal technique and care.

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