How to succeed in teaching online

The Educator logoUse Kahoot! to make your lessons interactive.

COVID-19 is driving everything online, be it work, work-outs or social events so it was only a matter of time before Australia’s education system also transitioned to an online medium. Having been a distance education student myself, and now a distance education teacher with Australian Christian College, the transition to online education was very natural for me.

Remain Interactive

Just because you cannot interact in person doesn’t mean you can’t keep your lessons interactive. Make use of the various online resources available to you that promote students engaging in lessons. A personal favourite of mine is Kahoot, which I often use at the beginning of lessons to promote students logging into webinars on time.

While there is a difference between how we teach when in the classroom and online, at the end of the day our fundamental role as teachers and educators never changes. In many ways this cultural reset for education is a good time for teachers to think about the heart of their subjects, whether it be English where we’re teaching how to communicate, interpret and express; or Science where we’re working with students to investigate the world and test observations.

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