How to take training virtual

Human Resource ExecutiveGuild Mortgage uses Kahoot! quizzes to make virtual training a success

As the number of remote employees has peaked due to COVID-19, more companies are converting face-to-face training courses into virtual programs. Although some trainers worry they can’t bond with online participants or that employees will struggle with the technology, virtual training has evolved from a trend into a necessity. So instead of asking why, HR professionals are experimenting with how to transform existing training into engaging and effective virtual programs.

According to a 2019 survey of 230 global training professionals conducted by ATD (Association for Talent Development), 93% percent were using live, online learning. ATD’s research also reveals that 87% of organizations use virtual classes to reach geographically dispersed workers, while 81% use it to save on travel costs.

“We had games before we went virtual,” she says. “Now we use Kahoot! to create quizzes and give out credit to the company store as prizes.

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