It’s a trying time for educators as an uncertain fall semester looms closer. Here’s some journalistic help.

Poynter logoTeachapalooza introduces journalism educators to using Kahoot! in the classroom

We’re not a community prone to giving up, and that was reinforced for me midweek by a gathering of 350 or so journalism educators for our annual Teachapalooza, this year hosted virtually at Poynter.

I was buoyed by the good vibes and comradery generated by this gathering. Seeing so many journalism professors, advisers and administrators in one place (OK, on one computer screen) seemed to do all of us a lot of good. If you couldn’t be there, we have a Teachapalooza Facebook page in which folks post a lot of helpful information (including class assignments, syllabi and PowerPoints) and answer peer questions. You don’t have to have attended Teacha to join. A replay of the sessions and tip sheets will be available soon (I’ll pass them along when they’re ready), but for now here’s just a taste of tips and ideas from the speakers, the attendees and the hosts.

– Professors discussed Kahoot for fast, less cheatable quizzes.

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