‘It’s a win-win-win’: Pittsburghers finding comfort and competition at virtual trivia nights

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette logoTrivia night organizers go digital with the Kahoot! app.

Pop quiz, hot shot: You own a company that makes trivia nights at local bars and restaurants possible. A global pandemic hits, and suddenly your entire business model no longer makes sense. What do you do?

Well, if you’re local business Trivia Jockeys, you immediately transition into Trivia Jockeys Live and begin putting on free virtual trivia nights using Twitch as a broadcast platform and the Kahoot! app so folks at home can play along. In two months of virtual trivia nights, Trivia Jockeys has averaged 50-75 players a night in more than 20 countries.

“I’ve seen how the industry is going stream-wise and how it’s going more digital,” Trivia Jockeys co-founder Anthony Renne said. “I always knew it was something we wanted to transition into, but I’m still surprised by how well it’s going.”

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