J.J. Watt pleased with the Texans virtual off-season

Sports Illustrated logoHouston Texans play Kahoot! quizzes to reinforce their training at home.

With NRG Stadium slowly opening up, the Houston Texans coaches and players will patiently wait for the green light to return to the facility from the NFL. Until then, the Texans will continue to work with coaches in their virtual off-season meetings that have been working nearly a month, learning the new schemes heading into the 2020 season.

Currently, in Wisconsin, defensive end J.J. Watt discussed with Sally MacDonald on Houston Fox26s how the virtual meetings are going with Weaver and the defensive side of the football.

With the change, the Texans players attend their virtual meetings on Zoom, Discord, and are tested on Kahoot! to see how well they have retained the information.

Watt feels not only Weaver but the entire group of coaches and players have dialed in to make the most of the virtual meetings during the pandemic.

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