Joe Judge talks team unity as virtual offseason concludes

NY Giants add Kahoot! quizzes to their virtual training programNY Giants logo

NFL coaches often conclude their offseason programs with an outing that fosters team bonding, whether it’s a bowling night or attending a movie or a major league baseball game. Judge wasn’t able to take his players to Citi Field or Yankee Stadium or a local theater. Despite that and the players participating from outposts around the country, the Giants were able to nurture a sense of camaraderie. And they did so in part due to an unlikely source of inspiration.

“We kind of took some lessons from really watching my kids do virtual school and some guys from around the country on what they were doing at different colleges and different pro programs,” Judge said. “I was watching my kids use the Kahoot! app, and we found out a couple of colleges were using the same thing. Really, it started through player development and went across the offense and defense as well in terms of having some daily competitions and weekly competitions. We subdivided the teams into different groups and made it competitive, played for some prizes. We were able to ask questions about things related to getting to know your teammate or getting to know the area, organizational history or maybe something directly tied into offense or defense.

“It was fun. It changes it up a little bit. It gets guys interacting.”

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