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Kahoot! Academy and Scholastic launch games to engage learners worldwide in science and health education

Kahoot! Academy’s collaboration with Scholastic invites learners to investigate and test their knowledge of biology and health

As many students around the world continue to learn from home, sparking students’ interest in science learning can be a challenge. And with COVID-19 impacting communities globally, science and health literacy is more important than ever.

To help students build their science knowledge in a fun and engaging way, Kahoot! Academy has teamed up with Scholastic to launch a series of games that learners can play anywhere, whether in the classroom, an online class meeting or independently at home.

The kahoot collection is an extension of Pathways, a collaboration between Scholastic and the National Institute of General Medical Science (NIGMS), which offers classroom magazines, lessons and resources for science education.

Bring fun and engagement to science learning

With three engaging learning games in the “Biology & Health” collection, students can strengthen their knowledge of key science concepts, including the science of sleep, how bacteria and viruses work and how animals and other biological organisms can regenerate.

Students build important science skills and health awareness as they enjoy the challenge of friendly competition and interactive play. The collection’s most popular game, “The Science of Sleep,” has now been played by over 200K participating players.

Never a better time to inspire science learning at home

While many schools remain closed or blended with virtual learning, fostering active participation in students’ learning at home is essential to keeping students engaged. Scholastic and NIGMS’ kahoot collection brings the wonders of science to life for learners everywhere, while providing educators with instant insight to track student learning. Teachers, parents and learners can play these games in conjunction with the Pathways classroom magazines and lessons offered by Scholastic and NIGMS.

Learn more about this kahoot collection and play them with your kids or students on the Scholastic Kahoot! Academy Premium partner page.