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Kahoot! around the world, December 11

Kahoot! newsHere is a roundup of selected news coverage Kahoot! has received in non-English publications around the world.

Entrevista. Criador do Kahoot anuncia versão em Português — RTP
Kahoot! CEO Eilert Hanoa announces the Kahoot! mobile app’s launch in Portuguese in an interview with RTP.

Kahoot em português chega ao Brasil para criar quiz e estudar com jogos — TechTudo
Kahoot! adds Brazilian Portuguese language support to the Kahoot! mobile app.

【鲸媒体早报】一起教育在纳斯达克上市;通才教育拟赴港上市 —
Kahoot! expands its offering to language learning with the acquisition of Drops.

Desafíos y estrategias globales para conseguir un aprendizaje digital práctico y efectivo — EL PAÍS
Students create an educational kahoot as part of their community action project in the Global Scholars program.

Sử dụng điện thoại trong giờ học: Nơi mạnh dạn, nơi dè dặt — 24h
High school educators open access to technology for activities like Kahoot!.

Aplicativo de educação Kahoot ganha versão em português — ISTOÉ
Kahoot! launches a Brazilian Portuguese version of its mobile app.

El 77% de los estudiantes aprendió herramientas tecnológicas en cuarentena, pero sólo el 28% prefiere más virtualidad — ámbito
Kahoot! is named one of the top 5 learning tools used by students.