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Kahoot! in the news roundup, April 1

Check out our roundup of selected news coverage Kahoot! has received this week from around the world.

VOA News logoTeachers Use Games for More Enjoyable Learning — VOA Learning English

In a discussion of the growing trend of using games in the classroom, VOA Learning English points to Kahoot! as a popular online platform to inspire learning through play.



Una competición Kahoot en clase de religión de los niños de Zamora — NCYL, El Español (Spanish)

Thousands of students from more than 40 schools and institutes are ready to test their knowledge in an online, interactive competition hosted on Kahoot!.



Medium logoElevate Your Classroom Warm-Up’s with These Five Apps! — Stephen Mosley, Medium

Kahoot! is named as one of the top five apps to help educators get their students engaged, motivated and ready to learn, citing its approach of friendly competition and play.



The 5 easiest-to-implement NGPF financial education resources, according to Teachers — Ren Makino, Jessica Endlich, NGPF

When asked about their go-to NGPF resources to teach financial literacy topics in the classroom, teachers pointed to FinCap Fridays, each including a fun kahoot. NGPF highlights that their FinCap Friday kahoots on Kahoot! Academy have already been played millions of times.


Alunos de VRSA ficam em 4º lugar na final nacional do “European Money Quiz” (EMQ) — Sul Informação (Portuguese)

In an event to engage youth in learning financial literacy, money math and more, students put their knowledge to the test on Kahoot! for the chance to represent Portugal in the final European competition in Brussels.



風俗文化,你瞭解多少? 元智第一屆境外生金頭腦大賽 — HiNet (Chinese)

Students at Yuan Ze University were challenged to put their knowledge of global cultures to the test in an educational competition to promote cultural exchange and understanding, beginning with lively Kahoot! sessions. 



3 edtech trends to watch in 2022 — Roger James Hamilton, eCampus News

Genius Group Founder and CEO Roger James Hamilton discusses gamification as one of the top educational trends of the year, citing Kahoot! as a digital platform introduced to classrooms with the rise of EdTech.



Four tips for increasing student engagement and self-efficacy using online platforms — Archimedes David Guerra, Times Higher Education

In a conversation about how digital learning platforms can help power up student engagement in the classroom, Archimedes David Guerra points to Kahoot! as a top pick for energizing and motivating students through friendly competition.



Escolas recebem prêmio por projetos de gentileza e generosidade — Porvir (Portuguese)

As part of the awards program recognizing schools’ projects promoting kindness, generosity and more, São Paulo school Colégio Magister was celebrated for a program bringing together high school students to design educational kahoots for children at a partner institution.


5 dingen om te doen als je thuis zit door een sneeuwstorm — Girlscene (Dutch)

Girlscene offers inspiration for fun indoor activities that can liven up a late snow day and more, including creating your own kahoots to challenge your family or friends.



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