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Kahoot! in the news roundup, April 8

Check out our roundup of selected news coverage Kahoot! has received this week from around the world.

Kahoot! eleva su apuesta por España con su plataforma de educación interactiva — María Jesús Labarca B., La Información (Spanish)

With Spanish being the second most commonly used language on Kahoot!, expanding Kahoot!’s content in Spanish for learners at school, at work and at home has become a key priority. Eilert Hanoa, CEO of Kahoot!, joined La Información‘s María Jesús Labarca B. for an exclusive interview to share how Kahoot! is growing in Spain and around the world.


The best apps for teachers and educatorsJackie Dove and Andre Revilla, Digital Trends

Kahoot! is spotlighted for supporting teachers and educators of all tech skill levels in creating dynamic and engaging learning experiences for their students with Kahoot!’s user-friendly platform.



Entrevista a Agnete Pedersen, Directora de Kahoot! Academy: «Las niñas y mujeres somos increíbles. Podemos hacer lo que queramos, ¡incluso podemos crear vida!» — Antonella Catucci, Marketing Insider Review (Spanish)

In this exclusive interview with Antonella Catucci of Marketing Insider Review, Agnete Tøien Pedersen, Director of Kahoot! Academy, shares her experiences and insights as a woman leader in tech, as well as exploring the vision of Kahoot! Academy to foster learning through a playful and engaging approach.


25 Awesome Team-Building Activities Your Team will Love — Melina Theodorou, CareerAddict

Employees can learn more about each other in an engaging and personalized way with Kahoot!, creating their own trivia sessions on favorite subjects or fun facts about team members.



클라썸, 글로벌 학습 플랫폼 카훗과 손잡고 기업교육 시장 공략정지성, Naver News (Korean)

Naver News reports on the recent announcement of Kahoot!’s partnership with South Korean EdTech company CLASSUM to accelerate the adoption of digital learning solutions in South Korea.



Contests help youth learn money sense — Kristyne E. Demske, C & G Newspapers

Teens throughout Michigan are invited to take part in the Show Your Money Smarts Contest on Kahoot!, hosted by the 4-H organization, which seeks to engage youth in learning about investing, money management and more.



Aplicaţia zilei: Kahoot! Play & Create Quizzes — Alexandra Cepăreanu, Ziarul Financiar (Romanian)

Ziarul Financiar features Kahoot! as the app of the day, showcasing how students can power up their learning independently or with classmates, friends or family.



Te Reo Tech: How Good are the Apps? — Omni Arona (Ngā Puhi, Ngāti Wai), Craccum Magazine

Craccum Magazine of the University of Auckland ranks the Drops app–part of the Kahoot! family of learning platforms–as the highest rated app for those on their Te Reo Māori language learning journey.



Edutopia logo7 Ways to Get Retrieval Practice Right — Andrew Boryga, Edutopia

For teachers looking for effective strategies to implement retrieval practice, helping students to review and reinforce their knowledge, Andrew Boryga recommends trying engaging platforms like Kahoot! to give students a chance to put their learning to the test.



Elperiodic.comPetrer reúne a todo el alumnado de 2º de bachillerato en el primer encuentro Kahoot — (Spanish)

Three educational institutes in Spain, together with the Department of Education, have organized a Kahoot! competition for high school students to prepare for the Baccalaureate Evaluation for University Access exam.



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