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Kahoot! in the news roundup, November 18

Check out our roundup of selected news coverage Kahoot! has received this week from around the world.

Everything you need to know about ‘quiet constraint’ — Allie Nawrat, UNLEASH

What is “quiet constraint”? How can employers reimagine their employee engagement and learning strategies to address this issue and build a more thriving workplace? In this article from UNLEASH, Allie Nawrat is joined by a group of experts—including company founders, CEOs and more—who give their take on these questions and more about this emerging workplace trend. Explore why quiet constraint is happening now, how it can impact companies and the solutions that could transform this issue into an opportunity for next-level collaboration, engagement and learning.


District Administration Thumbnail Logo4 ways leaders can create playful teaching and learning environments — Louisa Rosenheck, District Administration 

More and more educators worldwide are recognizing the importance of play in the learning process and implementing play-based learning strategies in their classrooms. However, Louisa Rosenheck, Director of Pedagogy at Kahoot!, argues that playful learning begins with playful teaching. In this article in District Administration, Rosenheck shares how schools can empower teachers to explore and play more, and why this would elevate the learning experience for all.


Pedro Civera, el profesor español que bate todos los récords en Kahoot con más de siete millones de seguidores — Noelia Hernández, El Español (Spanish)

In this interview with Noelia Hernández of Disruptores e Innovadores (D+I), part of El Español, Spain-based English language teacher and Kahoot! Academy Verified educator Pedro Civera explores his journey of engaging millions of student participants worldwide with his kahoots.


Build connections with Games for Work, a new Microsoft Teams app — Nicole Herskowitz, Microsoft

Alongside the introduction of Games for Work, a new Microsoft Teams app, Microsoft spotlights Kahoot! as another app available in Teams that can help coworkers connect and learn together virtually through friendly competition.



Huawei announces winners of AppGallery Editors’ Choice Awards 2022 at Web Summit — Huawei, Game Developer

Announced at the annual tech conference Web Summit, this year’s AppGallery Editors’ Choice Awards highlighted Kahoot! for the second time as their top pick for personal growth, pointing to Kahoot! as an app bringing joy and engagement to learning for all ages.


Innovación digital para evitar el burnout de los profesores — TICPymes (Spanish)

Since COVID-19’s disruptions in education, teacher burnout has been a key issue in schools and a significant driver of the recent teacher shortages. Louisa Rosenheck, Director of Pedagogy at Kahoot!, explores how encouraging a more collaborative, participatory and engaged learning environment—including with playful technology such as Kahoot!—can help educators maintain well-being and save time at work.


What the media got right and wrong covering the 2022 midterms — PBS NewsHour Extra

For learners who are curious about how political polls work before elections, PBS NewsHour Classroom is inviting all to play their new educational kahoot to discover more about what went into polling this midterm election season and why it matters.

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