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Kahoot! in the news roundup, September 23

Check out our roundup of selected news coverage Kahoot! has received this week from around the world.

Disney parks logoCelebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day with this Swashbuckling Challenge! — Beth Monnig, Disney Parks Blog

To celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day, Disney Parks Blog has shared a new kahoot from Disney Imagination Campus all about pirates and the beloved Pirates of the Caribbean attraction.



We Are Teachers logo31 Amazing Free Sites and Apps To Use With Google Classroom — We Are Teachers

Highlighting the top apps and websites that complement Google Classroom, We Are Teachers recommends Kahoot! as a digital learning solution that both educators and students love, now available as a Google Classroom add-on.



Technology’s Increasing Role in Education Ali Bajwa, TechBullion

Showcasing the growing importance and benefits of technology-supported learning, this article explores how educators are already integrating technology into their teaching routines, including using Kahoot! to create interactive group experiences.



Herramientas digitales gratuitas para profes y estudiantes que te pueden interesar — Maria Paula Amorocho, Radio Nacional de Colombia (Spanish)

Maria Paula Amorocho of Radio Nacional de Colombia explores a selection of the top digital learning platforms and solutions to support knowledge and skill building, including Kahoot! to spark interactivity and assess students’ understanding.


Telefono a scuola sì o no? L’insegnante Alice: “Io faccio quiz con l’app Kahoot”. Cos’è — (Italian)

On Radio DEEJAY’s Chiara, Frank and Ciccio show, a guest English teacher shares her experience using Kahoot! as a positive example of how smartphones can be used in the classroom to support learning.



How Kahoot! Can Help to Deliver Engaging and Immersive eLearning Experience — Akarsh Jain, CommLab India

CommLab India, an eLearning solutions provider, takes readers on a deep dive into how companies can use Kahoot! to create engaging learning experiences through interactivity and friendly competition.



30 herramientas de gamificación para clase que engancharán a tus alumnos — EDUCACIÓN 3.0 (Spanish)

In this roundup of solutions that enable gamification and game-based learning in the classroom, EDUCACIÓN 3.0 shares how educators can boost their students’ engagement by creating kahoots or choosing from the millions of ready-to-use kahoots available on the platform.


CASIO lanza una calculadora ilustrada para impulsar los ODS en la educación con un lenguaje “directo y accesible” — Europa Press (Spanish)

To help educators bring learning about the UN Sustainable Development Goals to life in the classroom, CASIO has launched an illustrated calculator that connects via QR code to educational comics and kahoots, where students can learn more about advancing inclusivity, sustainable development and global citizenship.


กิจกรรมกลุ่มสัมพันธ์ง่าย ๆ ใคร ๆ ก็ทำได้ — TrueID (Thai)

TrueID features Kahoot! as a user-friendly platform to support workplace learning and engagement, enabling corporate teams to easily create and facilitate surveys, training sessions and more.



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