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Kahoot! is now played by seven NFL teams

Coaches of seven NFL teams have added Kahoot! quizzes to their team training programs

The NFL’s 2020 offseason, which began at the start of the year, quickly became an offseason like no other.

With the COVID-19 lockdowns and social distancing protocols preventing teams from meeting on the field, in the gym, or in the classroom to continue their training programs, coaches across the country were left with the challenge of transitioning to a fully virtual system that would engage players and help them learn effectively while training from home.

For the New York Giants, Denver Broncos, Houston Texans, Atlanta Falcons, Cincinnati Bengals, New York Jets, and Baltimore Ravens, one tool they have noted for keeping their players on track is Kahoot!

Coaches and representatives from these NFL teams have recently discussed how Kahoot! learning games are helping to make their virtual meetings and training sessions a success, supporting their efforts in encouraging engagement, accountability and motivation, reinforcing learning, team building, and more.

One key ingredient Kahoot! has been able to bring back to these teams’ virtual meetings is friendly competition. Coaches are using Kahoot! quizzes to spark players’ competitive spirits, both as a method of assessing and reinforcing learning, as well as fostering social connection and team building, even while players can only communicate virtually.

As reported by the NY Giants in conversation with the head coach, Joe Judge:

“Despite […] the players participating from outposts around the country, the Giants were able to nurture a sense of camaraderie. And they did so in part due to an unlikely source of inspiration.

‘We kind of took some lessons from really watching my kids do virtual school and some guys from around the country on what they were doing at different colleges and different pro programs,’ Judge said. ‘I was watching my kids use the Kahoot! app, and we found out a couple of colleges were using the same thing. Really, it started through player development and went across the offense and defense as well in terms of having some daily competitions and weekly competitions. We subdivided the teams into different groups and made it competitive, played for some prizes. We were able to ask questions about things related to getting to know your teammate or getting to know the area, organizational history or maybe something directly tied into offense or defense.

‘It was fun. It changes it up a little bit. It gets guys interacting.’”

Michael Thomas, veteran safety of the Houston Texans, also noted Kahoot!’s effect of encouraging accountability among players while keeping learning fun:

“We even do quizzes on an app called Kahoot! to make sure like, ‘OK guys, we’re going to see right now in front of everybody who knows it, who knows their information.’ He keeps it fun, he keeps it fresh. It’s been a great experience.”

To discover all the ways Kahoot! can bring people together and support learning, sign up for an account to play solo or invite friends, family, and co-workers to compete head-to-head.