Kahoot Offers Free Access to Premium Version of Gaming Software

THE Journal Logo“Education technology company Kahoot! has begun offering free access to the “premium” version of the program, which allows students to learn through gaming. This move comes in response to the number of schools and colleges that are shifting to online education to minimize face-to-face contact during the coronavirus pandemic.”

“The company already has “basic” and “pro” versions. Basic is free; the pro edition is $3 per month per teacher; and the premium version is $6 per month per teacher.

Kahoot’s free, basic version gives teachers access to games for class-sized groups and allows them to create games with multiple choice quiz questions. Students can complete self-paced games on their own. Educators also get access to games and quiz questions provided in a company-maintained library to which members of the Kahoot community can contribute their own games and questions.”

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