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Kahoot! teams up with Cambridge Assessment English to make building English skills fun for young learners

Cambridge Assessment English launches Kahoot! games that support and engage young learners developing basic English language skills

As schools around the world remain closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it can be especially difficult for students to practice new language skills. Without instruction and opportunities to practice, young students may find themselves forgetting what they have learned. And as language fluency is more challenging to acquire as children grow older, many parents and teachers are searching for ways to avoid delays in their students’ language learning.

Top kahoots in the collection

To help students continue building their English skills, Kahoot! has teamed up with Cambridge Assessment English to launch a series of games that young learners can play anywhere—in the classroom, during virtual lessons, or at home.

Learn, recall, and practice English skills

With colorful illustrations designed to engage and delight children, these Kahoot! games challenge students to use their early English skills to explore detailed scenes. Beginner English learners practice simple reading and vocabulary to describe what they see, while more fluent students apply their knowledge to complete conversations.


Never a better time to start learning English at home

With schools closed indefinitely around the globe, many parents are looking for new ways to challenge and engage their child in learning from home. Cambridge Assessment English’s Kahoot! game series invites English learners from the most beginner level to play along, with its Pre-A1 games designed for students on the first step of English learning. Once they have mastered the basic vocabulary and reading comprehension skills, they can move on to the A1 and A2 level quizzes as they learn to English more independently.

Learn more about these kahoots and play them with your kids on Cambridge Assessment English’s Kahoot! page.