Learning in lockdown – an international perspective

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As educators in Australia return to face-to-face teaching, and schools around the world grapple with new ways of working to provide continuing support to students during the pandemic restrictions, readers have been getting in touch to tell us what’s been happening in their own context. This week, Teacher is sharing some of those stories. In this second article, Kate Hill – an Australian teacher from Melbourne currently teaching Year 7 and 8 English at Braeburn School in Nairobi, Kenya – gives an international perspective.

‘Educators have also been faced with a steep learning curve. We are trialling many new platforms and apps at a rapid pace, finding ways to differentiate online work and engage students – particularly those that struggle to sit and focus. Not being in the same location has also been a challenge. One support teacher has reported that ‘trying to manage some subjects like Art, Music and IT, is crazy! I’m not in class with the teacher, so don’t have subject guidance, and these are not my speciality areas.’

Ms Low says: ‘The sharing of resources and tried and tested tips and tricks amongst colleagues, is helping guide our practice.’ Further, student feedback around not just what is working but what is fun and engaging, is also crucial. Kahoot! Live and live Google Meet scavenger hunt starters are some of the activities students have reported to be most enjoyable.

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