‘Less Is More’ in Math Distance Learning

Education Week logoKahoot! keeps students excited to attend virtual classes

This pandemic has led to long periods of social distancing, but students still need interaction help in their productive struggle and to internalize what is being taught. Students need interaction with their teacher and with their peers.

Other tools such as Kahoot and Quizlet allow for gamification that will make instruction fun and engaging for students.

“Find the feeling”: If students don’t feel anything when they miss your class, why would they keep logging on? Kahoot has many wonderful tutorials and articles about how to use their tools for online learning. After my online class played Kahoot, I posted the top three scorers on our Class Dojo page. My hope is that students who didn’t come to class might see the post and be excited to join next week.

“Tweak the environment”: The easier it is for students to find the work you are posting, the less resistance you will have. The Heath brothers state that “clarity resolves resistance.” Encourage students to still use their math manipulatives by providing links to online manipulatives. Glencoe has a wonderful online virtual manipulative platform, and my students have been using the “cubes” website from Illuminations. Allow choice, use the poll feature on Kahoot or Zoom to learn how your students would like to access the learning.

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