Missing hugs and humor from her students.

Verizon logo8th grade teacher uses Kahoot! to challenge and stay connected with her students during school closures.

An 8th-grade math teacher at Sevilla West middle school in Phoenix, AZ, Nneka now relies on technology to reinforce her connection with students.

Through a variety of apps and programs (V Team parents: Take a look!), Nneka’s classroom is still as vibrant as ever, just missing the end-of-day hugs from her students.

Q: How has COVID-19 impacted the way you engage your students?

A: Since we are no longer in a traditional classroom setting, COVID-19 has pushed me to be creative in how I engage my students. To mix it up, I am using a combination of programs (Google Classroom), websites (Virtual Nerd, Khan Academy) and apps (BrainPOP, Kahoot!) that challenge students to learn no matter their location.

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