Missing the kids in your life? Here are some creative ideas for virtual play dates

Sydney morning herald logoFamilies connect virtually for learning and fun with Kahoot!

Being a grandparent during a pandemic calls for ingenuity, patience and resolve – qualities most older folks possess in shovelfuls. But it’s not just grandparents missing out. Aunts, uncles, godparents – almost all of us – are feeling deprived of the company and cuddles we usually share with the children in our lives. But if you have a laptop or smartphone, you can catch up from the safety of your own home.

English TV historian Dan Snow is sending younger members of his family history lessons using stories from their own family’s past.

“My grandma’s stories of fishermen, settlers and cobblers taught me that people from my past have shaped my present,” says Snow. “It’s a gift I’m now passing on.”

Kahoot! is the perfect app for doing something like this; just sign up at and start creating. Kids can then download the Kahoot! app and you can share lessons about historical events you lived through – or any other topic – complete with videos, fun quizzes and virtual trivia sessions.

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