Mum organises Zoom party for daughter’s birthday + Kahoot!

Kidspot logoAn Australian mom organizes a virtual birthday party for her daughter and uses Kahoot! to host online triva through Zoom.

A month ago, Nicole and her daughter Tallulah had sat down to plan the little girl’s 10th birthday party.

They decided on a special day trip with Tallulah’s best friend followed by a breakfast pancake party with a few other friends the next day.

But as soon as social distancing restrictions were put in place, the NSW mum-of-four realised that Tallulah’s birthday party wouldn’t be going ahead as planned on April 16.
Nicole decided to throw the Tallulah’s party on Zoom as she knew the kids were using it for school so they would know how it worked.
“I have also set up a Kahoot! Online trivia quiz that they will play as well,” Nicole adds.

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