Netflix co-founder to judge contest for UWS’ brightest kids

I Love The Upper West SideEntrepreneurship youth academy hosts daily live trivia quizzes with Kahoot!

Rocket Club, the tech entrepreneurship academy for children 7-14 years old that Entrepreneur Magazine compared to Elon Musk’s Ad Astra Academy, is hosting a virtual summer business and STEM camp featuring a competition judged by Netflix co-founder Marc Randolph.

In addition to their one of a kind classes, members can also extend their knowledge by attending a daily educational game show hosted by UWS (Upper West Side) resident Morgan McDowell called Rocket Club Live. Here, members can play Kahoot! trivia quizzes together, even bringing in their families to compete on Parent’s Nights. The quizzes will cover a wide range of topics, from educational to miscellaneous fun.

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