NFL coaches, known for sleeping in their offices, are embracing the work-from-home life

Washington post logoBaltimore Ravens coach now hosts Kahoot! gamed in virtual team meetings.

NFL coaches and front office executives famously work grueling hours, spending so much time inside facilities that some teams keep beds and sleeping rooms in their offices. The New England Patriots employ float tanks, a device that purports to create the benefits of a four-hour nap in 40 minutes. The requirement to work remotely this spring during the novel coronavirus pandemic has kept coaches home as they prepared for the draft and the upcoming season.

One day, Harbaugh saw Alison studying on her computer and asked, “What’s that?” It was a game called Kahoot!, she explained. Her teachers could create a test for the entire class, and the students could compete to see who picked the answers first or got the most right. The Ravens now play Kahoot! in virtual team meetings.

“It was new to me,” Harbaugh said. “The guys all knew what it was.”

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