Online learning: A new reality for schools during Covid-19

India Today logoCambridge International School in Mumbai uses Kahoot! to engage and assess students

We also use Jamboardapp (as a virtual whiteboard), ed puzzle, Hot Potato, Kahoot, and various other online apps to enable learners to actively engage with the content.

Formative assessments are essential to assess the effectiveness of our teaching strategies, plan for future teaching-learning activities, to keep track of individual learner’s progress, and to provide them with useful feedback for improvement. Not being able to interact with learners face-to-face has rendered many conventional means of formative assessment useless.

However, tools such as Kahoot, Hot Potato, edpuzzle, in-class and post-class questions and worksheets on Google Classroom have been of significance in assessing our learners’ progress and understanding of their learning needs.

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