Practical tips to make student voice the cornerstone of your online classes

Education HQ logoKahoot! quizzes make distance learning collaborative and engaging

By working closely with students as a facilitator of learning, educators can ensure that students know that their voices matter and that their online classes are designed with their voices are the cornerstone of learning every day. Harnessing technology to accomplish this objective can be done in a variety of ways:

Make competition fun: Even before students left their classrooms, platforms such as Kahoot! and Quizlet Live provided students with opportunities to collaborate through competition. Now, these same platforms have made it possible for students to gamify their learning in real time via Google Meet or Zoom. Students can work in teams on a variety of topics. Quizizz is another great option if students cannot meet with their class in real time. Teachers can set up a quiz and students can compete against their classmates on their own time. The point of these competitions is not to establish winners and losers, but rather to instill some fun and excitement into learning. A little friendly competition can often create the spark that jump starts students’ interest.

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