Reading. Writing. And Google Classroom-ing.

Rowan University logoKahoot! helps both student and veteran teachers make a smoother transition to virtual learning

For even the most seasoned professionals, virtual teaching in the age of COVID-19 has been daunting.

In some ways, student teachers, who are in the beginning stages of their careers as educators, faced even more of a challenge.

But, with their strong educational foundations, some helpful online teaching tools, support from their cooperating teachers, and a whole lot of creativity, Rowan University students completing their clinical teaching practice rose up and made the most of their student teaching experiences…for their students and themselves.

Students in the classroom of Adaliz DeJesύs, Trejo-Mendiola’s cooperating teacher, were ahead of the virtual learning curve. They had been using Google Classroom and applications such as Kahoot, Quizlet, and Flip Grid, since last fall. That helped immensely, says Trejo-Mendiola, of Vineland, who earned her CADP/MST.

“From Señora DeJesύs, I learned that it’s very important that we, as educators, incorporate technology into our classroom settings. It’s a great learning tool.”

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