Reality check: what will it take to reopen schools amid the pandemic? 8 experts weigh in on what parts of remote learning — and in-person teaching — we should keep

The 74 logoThe transition to virtual learning has led to teachers adopting digital tools like Kahoot!

We have learned some valuable lessons as a result of transforming our brick-and-mortar classrooms into digital remote learning experiences.

First, educators no longer fear technology and can use it to provide content, assess students and collaborate. This forced immersion into remote learning has demonstrated that educators can be proficient with digital curricula and platforms if we give them the support they need.

Educators have awakened to the idea that they are able to unlock a wealth of resources that make learning more engaging, efficient, relevant and easily accessible to a broader range of learners. This spring, I witnessed educators collaborating and using innovative educational programs such as Nearpod, Newsella, Loom, Kahoot! and Quizizz.

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