“As each passing day brings more school closures, educators and families scramble to respond to a situation that is uncertain and without precedent. Will the term be extended? Will the year be lost? How will college admissions be affected? How will learning continue while kids are stuck indoors for weeks? Who will look after the kids? The rapid imposition of social distancing took many by surprise, and each school and individual teacher must contend with unique challenges as they grapple with the crisis.

Has there been a better time for students to take field trips to virtual museums, play in the Minecraft playground, run through a few rounds of Kahoot, or tune-in for a Skype lecture by a special guest speaker? “Everything is the technology of online education,” said Joanna Dunlap, Assistant Director of Teaching Effectiveness University of Colorado – Denver, alluding to the vast spectrum for enhancing online instruction.

And, if all else fails, there’s always email and telephone.”

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