Schools preparing for remote learning to continue deep into new academic year

The Irish NewsKahoot! helps teachers reinforce and assess learning during school closures

To help schools, the Department of Education has published guidance on how to continue supporting remote learning.

Given the extended period of closures and in preparing for a blended approach, the department has recommended that all schools aim to “engage with pupils on an ongoing basis through the wide range of e-learning platforms available rather than provide hard copy or emailed resources alone”.

It notes that technology can potentially increase both the quality and quantity of remote learning.

The use of e-learning platforms can provide additional opportunities to motivate pupils, establish a daily routine and give feedback, enhancing their learning experience.

The new guidance includes ideas for providing feedback when remote learning.

Online quizzes to give auto-feedback on incorrect answers. Free platforms, including Quizlet and Kahoot! provide data on pupil responses. Such low stakes testing provides pupils with opportunities to actively process the information being presented.

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