Teachers are finding creative ways to stay connected with students

Fox 40 logoTeachers in New York State are finding creative ways to interact with their students including Kahoot!

It’s now been over three weeks since kids have been in school here in New York State. The interruption can be tough on an educational level, but it also means not seeing those familiar faces in the halls every day. Local teachers have been finding ways to still connect with their students via social media and the internet.

In Windsor, Lindsey Hendricks’ 5th grade class still meets via video chats. She says they hold large class meetings as well as smaller review groups and even one on one calls if a student needs the help.

“They can see my face and benefit from each other, too,”” says Hendricks.

Hendricks uses Zoom. She says she can share her screen like a whiteboard and her students can see her writing. She reviews homework this way and also uses online learning websites like Kahoot to keep her kids engaged through educational games.

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