Teachers moving mountains

Medium logoKahoot! helps international language teachers ease the transition to virtual classes.

I took a quick survey of colleagues in Japan and Spain to see how people have been adapting to their new classrooms and the general vibe seemed to be that while the learning curve for teachers resembled a coronavirus infection chart, most had “flattened the curve”, settling into their new set-up for the coming months, though perhaps not for the long-term.

4) I feel confident using online technology.

Most teachers were confident using Zoom, and had employed a variety of online resources to supplement their teaching. Kahoot!, Quizlet, Wordwall and other gamified learning platforms were popular choices.

From personal knowledge, the majority of teachers surveyed were not regular users of technology in the classroom beyond the occasional video or game of Kahoot and thus there has been a considerable adjustment made on their part to new ways of teaching and learning.

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